Erika Helstrom

Event Producer, Creative, Community Connector
Erika originally hails from Colorado Springs and has found herself drawn to the Bay area via Mexico, Canada, Germany, France, Bali, Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam, Lao, Tanzania, Egypt, Nepal, Greece, Turkey, Qatar, Italy, and Ireland… to date.
Erika is a dynamic entrepreneur, event producer, and community connector with a true passion for bringing people together to create immersive and memorable experiences. She has a natural talent for organization and developing systems that allow people and projects to come together with ease and grace. In her five years in the bay area Erika has built an eclectic network of artists, creators, and corporate professionals which enables her to bring a unique dual-perspective to every initiative.

Getting her start at a non-profit food drive in 2003, Erika has now organized more than 100 events for nonprofits, fairs and festivals. Highlights from the past five years; Erika ran the global community connecting travel industry professionals; lead tour groups in USA, Tuscany, Umbria and Puglia; trained event organizers in more than 130 cities; produced events for the Oakland Symphony to engage a younger audience to classical music; and took on a lead producer role the SoulPlay Festival – a four day immersive experience focused on facilitating deeper connections to self and others.

When not working on events, Erika spends her time finding any and all opportunities to dance, watching sunrises, rock climbing, she is a huge fan of improv and stand up shows, and walking along the amazing beaches the bay area has to offer.


Taking on the World, One City at a Time




More about Erika

I’m an entrepreneur, an event producer, a community manager, and a connector based in San Francisco. I have a natural talent for organization and creating systems that allow projects and companies to run smoother.
Last year, I decided to take the leap into freelancing full-time to start expanding my experience. Over the past 5 years, I have run a global community with Travel Massive, connecting professionals working in the travel industry. I run production for SoulPlay Festival – a 4-day inclusive experience focusing on workshops and activities that create a deeper personal connection through dance and yoga. Most recently, I have been working with the Oakland Symphony to create preview events to their upcoming concerts that engage a younger audience to classical music.

My focus is to work on different types of projects that align with my love to bring people together in fun & interactive environments.

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